O2 Development- Information & Sample Letters for Objections

The O2 proposals include 15+ closely-spaced towers between 10 and 15 storeys high. Construction will begin with three buildings-605 dwellings- at the centre of the site with outline planning consent for the rest of the site –over the next 15 years. 

See Application Documents here: https://tinyurl.com/y9v96wyu

Send your objections as soon as possible, by email to the Planning Officer, David Fowler: David.Fowler@camden.gov.uk

Below are example letters and points which you are welcome to cut and paste in your objection – Please do comment on this application. The closing date has been extended beyond the summer.

Example Objection – Letter 1

I disapprove of this application 2022/0528/P and wish to object on the basis that:

The development, is a destructive over-development of the site – 6x Camden average density.

The heights of the towers are out of keeping with the surrounding landscape and conservation areas.

It brings  4500-5000 new residents to the area – which existing infrastructure cannot sustain.

All the flats are for rent with the minimum @ affordable rates. They are not homes but dormitories for a transient population.

West End Lane & Finchley Road tube stations have no step- free access, are heavily congested at peak times with already-overcrowded trains. There is no guarantee that new access arrangements will be part of this development.

The loss of the O2 centre, a community hub providing a large well-supported supermarket Sainsbury’s and many social benefits – is damaging for the integration and resilience of our established neighbourhood .

Demolishing the O2 Centre itself, with the removal of all short-term shopper parking and a piecemeal rebuilding of smaller versions of some of its amenities, will generate additional carbon emissions, fragmented community resources and increased traffic disruption in the surrounding area.

Please refuse this application.

Example objection – Letter: 2

I am writing to raise strong objections to the proposed application 2022/0528/P for the redevelopment of the O2 Centre.

Like many other local residents, I have legitimate concerns about the density of high-rise tower blocks being proposed, when the local area has been subjected to an onslaught of development over the last few years resulting in already over- crowded pavements, public transport, shops, community facilities such as doctors surgeries, dentists, etc

No one seems to be listening to the local residents and the tireless objections being raised. The response from the developer is to attempt to bulldoze the scheme through regardless of tlocal objections. Camden emphasise the need for ‘housing’ but co-design this ‘new neighbourhood’ – cramped, for-profit high rise buildings.overshadowing ‘wind tunnel’ paths and token ‘green spaces’.

  • little consideration given to the need to upgrade infrastructure BEFORE development.
  • little consideration given to the pressure already on community facilities and medical services.
  • little consideration to the amount of flats empty, or buy-to-leave in other tower blocks built over the last few years.
  • no consideration given to the fact that the there’s already a development of flats underway on the old Travis Perkins site on West End Lane, and the impact of this on local services and resources.

Please refuse this application.

Some Other Points:
The developer has sacrificed ALL car parking for more flats and Camden Council are enforcing a no-car policy throughout the borough yet this proposal does away with a DIY store, supermarket, gym, cinema etc which many residents can currently walk to. Those with heavy shopping, the elderly or people with children need to be able to drive and park.

Camden must think again, not just prioritise ‘box-ticking’ to meet the government arbitrary house building quotas or Section 106 and CIL payments but about what human beings need for a healthy, meaningful environment- open green space, community facilities, reliable infrastructure, supermarkets, daylight/sunlight and quality design.

The equally harmful recent development proposals for Murphys Yard near Dartmouth Park/Kentish Town received 1500+ objections. It’s planning application was withdrawn by the developer.  Can we achieve a similar show of disapproval for the O2 Centre proposals. 

The following websites give a good overview on how to object, and the best grounds on which to object, in terms of planning considerations that Camden planners must pay regard to.

1) The local Councillors’ website,

2) The RedFrog association website,

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