How to contact Camden Planning

·        Comments about Planning Applications – both large and small – can be made online through the Planning Portal (see Links) using the Application number which usually starts with the current year and ends with a capital P ie 2022/—-/P but there will be no confirmation of receipt in return, your post make take three days to appear or go missing altogether so it is a good idea to write & post a recorded letter or email a copy of your comment to the Case Officer named in the application.As Camden’s IT can be unstable, this gives extra security that your comment will be noted & logged.

Post your comments to : Planning Application Comments /Regeneration and Planning Development Management, London Borough of Camden, Town Hall, Judd Street, London WC1H 8ND                                                              

·        Many planning applications are simplistic, short on detail and accompanied by inscrutable drawings. There is a reason for this. It gives the applicant scope to expand or modify the work after planning has been granted. Nowadays there is less supervision from Camden during building works so scrutiny at the planning application stage is very important.  Watch out for applications which play down the extent of development to be undertaken or drawings which are unreadable or misleading. A general vagueness and mystery is intended to limit objection. Although the Planning site is not very user-friendly and clicking through the the list of documents may be unexciting, take the time to study the material attached to the application. It will be worth it!

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